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Insect Shield Dog Bandana by Doggles


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Product Information
Item #4279
Doggles Insect Shield Bandana Tan
  • Insect Shield Dog Bandanna repels ticks, mosquitoes, ants, flies, chiggers, and midges! It is not rated for fleas, but since the active ingredient, permethrin, is contained in many flea products, we would suspect that it would also discourage fleas.
  • Long lasting: Repels insects through 70 launderings!
  • The Insect Shield Dog Bandanna is so easy to use! Just tie it on your dog's neck and you're set for bug-free adventures with a jaunty style!
  • No odor!: The repellant in the Insect Shield fabric is completely undetectable.
  • Less exposure to chemicals than sprays or topicals since none of the insecticide gets onto your dog's skin.
  • How it works: The Insect Shield Bandanna by Doggles, is made of fabric that is bonded (by magic!) to permethrin using the same EPA rated technology as that for human Insect Shield clothing. Permethrin is a man-made derivative of Chrysanthemum flower extract. Permethrins have been used in flea and tick dips, shampoos, etc for dogs for many years. We were told by the InsectShield representative that the Bandanna should repel insect for a 3' radius, so a small dog should be fully protected and a larger dog might do better with our Insect Shield T-Shirt. Want to learn more about Insect Shield technology?
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